Frequently Asked Questions

How are independent contractors compensated?

Synergy RV Transport will pay the independent contractor for the loaded (dispatched) mile based off of "PC Miler" routing software. The contractor will receive a fuel surcharge when applicable. Reimbursement for applicable tolls, permits and washes when required. All pay to the contractor is available in check form (Lake City Bank) from central dispatch. 50% up front for money to run on is standard.

Are you required to stop at weigh stations while under dispatch?

Since you will have a commercial transport plate on the unit you will be considered a commercial vehicle and will be required to pull into weigh stations. Some states may have weight requirements that may make you exempt in that state.

Who covers liability while under dispatch?

Synergy RV Transport covers the liability as well as cargo insurance for physical damage to the dispatched units. You are responsible for the first $1000 of damage.

What type of insurance do I need for my truck?

Commercial insurance with a minimum liability of $500,000 is required. Synergy also requires that the driver have physical damage coverage on their truck.

Is this year round business or seasonal?

We are busy with RV deliveries all year round. Your activity is determined by you, as long as you maintain the minimum or above. Typically, Spring, Summer, and Fall are the busiest periods.

Can we get one load coupled with a backhaul?

Yes, there are times when dispatch has multiple loads going in different directions. It is often possible to match trailer deliveries with backhaul units as well.

Do I have to log empty miles?

Yes, it is required by Synergy and the DOT

Do I need a cell phone?

Synergy requires all contractors have an active cell phone. Cell phones help ensure effective, instant communication. When we have a load to offer, we want to call you immediately!

Do you have a dress code?

At the request of our customers, drivers at the terminal and at delivery points are required to be dressed and groomed professionally. This means ankle-length pants and a collared shirt, or blouse. Tank tops, cut-off shorts or any unprofessional apparel are unacceptable. Additionally, Synergy only contracts with professionals. As such, all are required to have excellent hygiene. (Time spent driving a vehicle can be heated and thus produce body odor. Manage your hygiene accordingly!) The quality of your delivery services enables Synergy to build a better business along with increased opportunities for deliveries.

How much driving experience do I need, before I apply for lease?

You must have at least 20,000 miles of combination vehicle experience. Qualified experience may be attained by personal or professional experience, or a combination of both.

Where do I deliver to?

All Synergy RV Transport drivers are expected to deliver to all parts of the U.S. and Canada. This ensures maximum customer service performance.

Can I have anything in the bed of my pickup truck?

Any loose items in the bed must be secured for travel. Any items such as a fuel tank, tool box, etc. that may extend over the bed rails are prohibited. The clearance space needed for safe trailer transport operations requires no item to extend above the bed railing.

Do I have to pay a pickup fee?

Synergy RV Transport does charge a small vehicle-staging or "pull-in" fee for each unit you are assigned to deliver. We have local contractors who are staging vehicles in our shipping yard for you, from the factory. The fee is typically $25 per unit. This is a standard fee in our industry. This service saves our contractors time and unnecessary hassle finding units.

May I receive credit for my safety miles from my current company?

No. Many other "similiar transport companies" do not abide by the same stringent safety requirements/standards we do.

Is there a minimum activity policy?

Synergy requires our independent contractors to complete 1 or more trips in any 30 day period. Synergy does however allow all contractors flexibility in terms of extended periods of inactivity when necessary.

I want to lease on my pickup truck and I need to know what the weight rating of my license plate should be?

Synergy recommends that you contact your local license branch and request the license plate necessary to haul RV trailers. You should indicate that the combination of your truck and the trailer you will be delivering will not weigh more then 26,000 lbs. It is not necessary to obtain an apportioned plate. It is, in fact, necessary to have a plate that is not apportioned Indiana contractors should obtain a 26,000 lbs. plate. Different states around the U.S. vary in their requirements and the plates available. It is the responsibility of the individual contractor to obtain the correct plate before attending orientation. Any fines or penalties incurred by a contractor for running on an inadequate plate will be the responsibility of the individual contractor, not Synergy RV Transport.

I do not presently own a truck, can I apply before I have to purchase one?

It is perfectly acceptable to submit an application and have the application approved, before, incurring any initial expense. On the application packet it will ask you for your truck make and model, in this area please write "Will purchase upon approval".

Do I need a Class A CDL to transport trailers using my pickup truck?

The required driver license for pulling trailers is based on the state that you reside in. Please check with your state's local DMV to validate what class license your state requires. However, about 15% of the trailers we ship do require you to possess a Class A CDL. It will be your responsibility as an independent contractor to make sure you understand the federal combination gross vehicle weight rating requirements before you accept a load from Synergy.

How do I get a load?

Central Dispatch will call you- We offer traditional calls in central dispatch or stop in at 2448 E. Kercher Road.

Do we ship to Canada and Alaska?

Synergy's customers ship many vehicles to Canada. A customs processing stop is required to cross the U.S./Canadian border. You will need to carry your passport with you while in Canada. There are also occasions when we do ship units to Alaska.

Can I take someone with me?

All passengers must sign a liabilty waiver stating that Synergy RV is not liable for any for any damage caused by a passenger or to them throughout the course of the delivery.

How far is the average trip?

Synergy delivers to all 48 states, Canada and Alaska. Units regularly ship to destinations like Florida, Texas, California and the Northwest. The average outbound RV delivery is about 850 miles.

Do I wash the unit?

Yes- we wash everything at the request of the manufacturer and dealer. There is an inspection wash for the Dealership taking delivery. You will be reimbursed for this expense.

Am I responsible for damage to the unit?

Yes, Contractors are required to establish a $1,000 damage deposit with Synergy RV Transport. All loss claims are subjected to a $1,000 deductible charge to the driver.

Can I sleep in the trailer while in transit?

No. Most of the trailers we deliver are sealed and you will not have access to the inside. We ask that you do not sleep in an in-transit trailer.

Do I make a check call in transit?

Each driver is required, by customers' request, to submit a daily check call before noon (Indiana time), each business day, while under load.

What are the rules for delivery?

Drivers are assigned a delivery date upon dispatch and are asked to drive approximately 500 miles per day, based on available hours and weather conditions. Synergy is a dedicated service company. We expect our drivers to deliver on time, unless legitimately delayed.

What if I do not own my truck and I am under a lease?

If the registered truck you use is under a lease arrangement then we can not process your lease with Synergy. Your truck must be owned.

What if I have a 6 foot bed?

Synergy RV Transport reccomends an 8 foot bed. Any truck leased on with a 6' bed will ONLY be allowed to pull travel trailers. 5th wheel trailers will ONLY be pulled with trucks having 8' bed

Can I use a 4 wheel drive pickup truck?

Yes, as long as the bed rail measures 57 inches or less, from the ground to the top of the rail.

What happens if my unit breaks down?

Synergy RV transport has a contact for breakdown services 24/7 to ensure that the contractor is properly serviced.

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