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We are a local RV and vehicle transport company located in Goshen Indiana with a devoted driving team nationwide. We strive to maintain a constant line of communication with all of our customers AND our drivers. We offer competitive rates and mileage bonuses based on performance and results along with the standard reimbursements. As an independent driver, you have access to trip payment advances along with timely payment settlements (typically same day that the trip is completed with documentation). Our name is consistent with our hiring and compensation policies. Once you are chosen to be a part of the Synergy team, you know that you are one of the best. As a qualified independent contractor with Synergy RV Transport, we ask for superb service as this is exactly what we promise our customers. A friendly face, good work ethics and driving records, along with the right equipment to get the job done is all you need to join the Synergy team. Every mile you drive reflects on our commitment to excellence at Synergy RV Transport.

Call us at 574-537-1860 or download an application by clicking here.


Truck Requirements:

  • ¾ ton pickup truck or larger (Diesel preferred)
  • Pickup trucks with eight (8) foot bed (preferred)
  • Truck must be presentable, in good condition and have a current DOT Inspection
  • 5th wheel hitch rated at least 16,000 lbs. (or no 5th wheel hitch)
  • Heavy duty receiver hitch rated at least 10,000 lbs or better (Class IV or V)
  • Must have 7-prong Bargman electric hook up for trailers
  • Electric Brake Control module (either aftermarket or factory installed)
  • Extended mirrors
  • Mud flaps behind each tire that extent to within 6 inches of ground when unladen
  • Brake Controller
  • 12 V Liquid Cell Battery (at least motorcycle size) for breakaway system and approved box and strap for battery
  • Current Registration for 26,000 pounds and, if not in your name, Notarized Power of Attorney allowing you to lease on the truck
  • Commercial Insurance (must have physical damage coverage and a minimum of $500,000 NON TRUCKING LIABILITY)
  • No radar/laser detectors or jammers are allowed in commercial vehicles
  • Gauged Fire Extinguisher rated 5BC or higher and mounted per DOT requirements
  • Set of 3 safety triangles or 6 road flares
  • No window tint on windshield below the AS1 line or on the front side windows
  • Assorted fuses for truck and trailer
  • A gooseneck hitch, though not required, may be used at times

  • Other items to have on hand:
  • A bag of 4-6" zip ties (to hold on the transporter plate)
  • A roll of duct tape
  • Normal tools you would carry (flashlight, screwdriver, etc.)

  • PLEASE NOTE: It is against Federal DOT rules to use a hand-held cell phone in a Commercial Vehicle. You must have a Bluetooth or some means of hands-free phone.

The Leasing and Orientation Process

The first step in becoming a driver for Synergy RV Transport is to fill out the application plus the two pages following the application from our site and submit it to Synergy RV Transport at 574-533-5888. Please be sure to fill out all sections of the application, answering all questions on all 3 pages and signing where necessary. On the front page, please do not omit filling out any of the blank spaces. On page 2, please note that previous employment has to be listed for the past 10 years, whether you drove during any of that time or not; we have to have 10 years employment listed. If you list "Self Employed" for the previous 3 years, we have to have proof of self employment, such as copies of your taxes, or a copy of your business license stating when you started your business. On page 3, please note there are 5 sections to be completed. Please do not miss the "A and B" questions. Also, in "Experience", please list either the years you drove or the miles you drove. The next two pages, one being "Verification of Past Employment" page, please fill out the top 4 blank spaces only with your name, SSN, and date. On the next page, "Pre-Employment Screening Program", please sign and date at the bottom. All 6 pages must be submitted to complete the application process.

Driver Orientation and Training

All of our contractors are required to attend an orientation class where they receive the appropriate training required for the position. Please allow a two night stay for orientation and training. The orientation requirements begin with a previously completed application which you can download from this website and fax to 574-533-5888, and an approved MVR from our insurance company on your driving record. If you are from PA, WA, CO, GA, or NH you will have to submit an MVR to the above fax number to be submitted to our insurace company for approval.

Once we have received an approved MVR and you've completed the application, we can set up an appointment for your orientation and training to take place. Orientation/training class also includes information regarding FMCSA regulations, company policies in the driver manual, and a driving test. When arriving for orientation/training we also make sure that your vehicle meets all of our requirements and that you have all of the appropriate paperwork we need to lease you on (listed below).

  • A current, complete DOT Physical (all pages must be present)
  • A current medical card
  • A copy of your truck registration showing your truck is plated for 26,000 lbs. **
  • Your current driver's license, social security card and passport if you have one
  • A copy of the DOT inspection on your truck
  • A copy of your current truck registration (showing your truck is plated for 26,000 lbs)
  • A certificate of insurance listing Synergy RV Transport as Certificate Holder, showing that you have $500,000 Non-Trucking Liability or Bobtail Insurance ***

** If the truck is not registered in your name you will need a Notarized Power of Attorney from the registered owner allowing you to lease the truck in your nameand to receive payments for the load.

***Please see page on our site listing insurance companies who can provide this coverage.

Once all paperwork is completed we will begin the orientation process, which takes approximately two and a half days. We will go over FMCSA regulations, company policies, a road test (using your truck) and your lease will be signed. You will be given a manual with Synergy RV Transport’s Drug and Alcohol Policy, your signs, transporter plates and all other paperwork fulfilling DOT requirements. Most appointments for leasing on are made for early morning and by the end of the day you should be leaving with your first unit.

Useful Phone Numbers:

Dan's Hitch               574-262-4638

Dually Depot             574-266-9157

ProMotor                   574-533-9898 (closest to our facility)

Nearby Motels:

Super 8                     574-652-9844

Best Western            574-533-0408

Courtyard by Mariott 574-534-3133


Brown and Brown    800-846-7873 or BBToledo.com

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