About Us

Synergy RV Transport, INC. is recognized as one of the largest and most dependable transporters of towable and motorized  freight in the industry. With our dedicated fleet of courteous and professional drivers we are able to accommodate even the most difficult loads. Our business is continuing to expand as we build our relationship with our current customers and the endless possibilities with our new customers. From motorhomes to vehicles being transported on a flatbed our team of skilled professional drivers can cover it all.


Tow Away Services

Synergy’s Tow Away division specializes in the transportation of fifth wheel and bumper pull travel trailers across the U.S and Canada. Our fleet of independent contract drivers who own their own pick up or haul and tow trucks are dedicated to provide our customers with safe and on time deliveries.

Drive Away Services

Our Drive Away division consists of independent contractors who transport various commercial vehicles such as box trucks, busses, and motorhomes by driving the vehicles to their end destinations across the U.S and Canada. With our non-forced dispatch our drivers get to pick where they go and how often they run.

Backhaul Services

While Synergy has multiple pick up locations across the U.S we also offer back haul services. Our team of dedicated staff works hard to ensure our drivers have the backhaul loads that they need. Our goal is to keep the deadhead to a minimum for our drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Synergy we have a vast fleet of professional drivers to fit almost any of our customer’s needs. Our fleet makes us one of the most reliable and trustworthy companies in the industry. Here at Synergy our drivers are much more than a number.

Our standard orientation is located in Goshen, Indiana and lasts for 2 days. The standard orientation is required for drivers who have little to no experience with the industry. For those who qualify and are experienced drivers we offer a FastTrack orientation which is located in Goshen, Indiana and last for half a day.

With our vast fleet of drivers we have the capability to deliver single ship units, haul and tow units, motorized units and almost any vehicle we can fit on a flatbed.

Our drivers do not get paid to attend orientation however we will try to get you dispatched after orientation to have you start earning money right away.

We deliver to all over the lower 48 states and Canada.

For drivers interested in either our tow-away, haul and tow, or lowboy division you will have to provide either your own truck or have access to a truck that someone will sign a power of attorney over to you for your use.

Our drivers enjoy a non-forced dispatch with an online load board. You can view our loads on the load board and then you will call your dispatcher to confirm your load.

You can call one of our dedicated recruiters at 574-533-0001 to check on your application status.

We do require our drivers to have at least 6 months experience either transporting, driving commercially or personal experience.

  • Vehicles must weigh less than 4,000 lbs. with all hitch equipment and a full tank of gas
  • Certified scale weight ticket
  • Must be insured and registered
  • A set of DOT approved triangles
  • Tow lights
  • A properly installed base plate
  • Truck must be ¾-Ton or Larger (Diesel Preferred)
  • Truck must be presentable
  • Flat Beds must be mitered
  • Extended (or extendable) mirrors
  • Electric Brake Controller
  • Mud Flaps full width of the wheels and extending to within 6 inches of the ground
  • Receiver Hitch appropriately rated for truck
  • 2 5/16th inch ball rated 10,000 lbs or more (height 20”-22” from ground)
  • Fifth Wheel properly installed and rated for at least 15,000 lbs. (Fifth wheel optional)
  • A Bargman 7-prong Electric Trailer Plug with 12 Volt Power
  • Padlock suitable for latching hitch coupler
  • Breakaway Battery: 12 Volt Marine Battery with studs and wing nuts
  • Breakaway battery box with ratchet strap
  • Per FMCSA regulations, there must be a location on the truck to hook the breakaway cable. This should hook to the truck itself and cannot be attached to any removable part of the truck (like the insert) or the safety chains (see website for picture)
  • Spare Fuses for Truck and Trailer
  • Gauged and Mounted Fire Extinguisher rated 5BC or higher
  • Torque Wrench
  • DOT Approved Triangles or 6 Flares
  • Jack stable enough to lift truck or trailer
  • No Window Tint on Front Windows which allow 70% of light to pass through them
  • Zip Ties or Nylon Nut/Bolt Sets for transporter plates
  • Marker Lights are NOT required but should be working if your truck has them
  • NO Radar Detector
  • Hand Tools
  • Heavy Duty Carabiner Ring
  • Weight Distribution Bars

Our drivers do abide by the DOT rules and regulations. All drivers must have a valid DOT physical and are subject to drug testing.

Our motorized and tow-away drivers are exempt from the federal ELD mandate. Our drivers for our lowboy division are required to have an Android tablet to run ELD’s.

Synergy will allow you to have a passenger with you as long as your fill out our passenger authorization form.

Our drivers are paid daily Monday thru Friday. We use a ComData MasterCard which we load all funds onto. Our drivers receive 50% of the total line haul upfront and the remainder once they deliver and submit all required paperwork. This must be done by 4:15EST in order to be paid by 5PM.